High quality

Modular houses


Zinc drain pipes and their accesories, zinc rainhead. Colours – natural, quartz or any RAL coulour.


The wood for the arbor structure is oiled.


We would like to offer LED light points on the larch elevation. Note that the larch wood is oiled to help the wood stay clear for ages. Optionally our clients may choose thermo heated oiled ash elevation.


We offer aluminium windows with no thermal bridge, optionally they might be replaced with plastic ones. UW stays always between 1,1 and 1,6. Doors are insulated.


Manufactured in case of our clients would like to install a bench. It may be made of waterproof plywood or larch wood.


Made of oiled larch wood. Optionally light points integrated.

For busines holders

Office, beach restaurant, camping, show room...

For friends

Studio, flat for the guests...

For family

Little house for grand parents, children...

For workers

Office, workshop, atelier...

Hébergement insolite

Les Quadra-insolite: "La cabane de Juliette". Un adorable hébergement insolite, tout équipée (sale d'eau, cuisine, lits...), pour une cabane en bois sur pilotis. 2-3 personnes.

hébergement insolite troll

Les Quadra-insolite: "Le Trolls" Une cabane en bois originale tout équipée (sale d'eau, cuisine, lits...) pour les camping ou les gites. 2-4 personnes.

Tiny House

Les Tiny house: "Le Hydi" est le plus petit de la gamme. Totalement équipé, il vous permettra de vous "poser" dans un espace très réduit. 2-3 personnes.

Hébergement insolite

Les Quadra-Insolites, un modèle d'hébergement insolite pour les gites, campings ou hotel développant des activités à thèmes.
Within 2 days
Door to door delivery
Who the lodge is for?

Welcome to our website dedicated to wooden constructions. Quadrapol is a manufacturer of modern timber frame houses at atractive prices.
The presented idea allow
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