About us

Quadrapol is a Polish company situated in Krakow in southern Poland.

Quadrapol, established in 2008, is a business with long-term experience whose principal activity includes the engineering, manufacture and mounting of high-quality prefabricated elements and eco-houses. In last 6 years many timber constructions have been manufactured for a few countries in Europe, providing the high quality of our products and the correspondence of the structures to the requirements of various target markets.  Almost 100% of our wooden houses are manufactured for export. We proudly can boast that none of our clients have lodged any complaint against our service or product.


The idea.
We are pleased offer an extensive range of walls that can be used anyhow to suit everyone's taste and budget. A small frame timber house is an attractive and useful addition to your garden, camping etc; combining look with practicality. Quadrapol offer the very best selection of wooden ready walls for sale and the very best prices too. The extensive walls range incorporates hundreds of building styles, you will find them all in our catalogue. Why not make use of our search facility to browse the price range, size and style of wooden constructions that best suits your space. Rest assured, Quadrapol offer fantastic value for money and offer the very best selection of products adapted for every kind of client. If you cannot find the timber construction that you require, just select the walls and manufacture it to your exact requirements! Once the goods are transported, you just join the walls together what takes only 1 day and then just enjoy your new wooden house! 
Your little house will give pleasure to the eyes of everyone for ages!


Our team is always at our clients' disposal, always ready to dispel their doubts or fears. Our experience and cooperation with different kinds of clients has taught us that responsibility, honesty, mutual understanding between us and clients always is a right way to meet the common goal of our work that is the both sides satisfaction! The team of our company consists of architects, engineers, designers etc everybody specialized in timber frame structures. We cooperate with known material suppliers that gives us the guarantee of always good quality of the final product.

The office is situated in the centre of Cracow, factory and storage surface of 5000 m2, around 50 km away, down the country.



Timber frame garden studio





                                                                                                    Frederic Robert                                                          Paweł Kaczor

                                                                                                              CEO                                                            Engineer, Project Manager



                                                                                             Magdalena Puścizna                                                      Katarzyna Korbecka
                                                                        Timber Frame Constructions Architect                                          Sales Manager 



                                                                                                     Hanna Radło                                                               Magdalena Lis
                                                                        Timber Frame Constructions Architect                                Logistics Manager



                                                                                                Artur Smoroński                                                          Edyta Kosowska

                                                                                             Engineer - Architect                                           Accountant specialised in                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       intra Community acquisition of goods                                    

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