How it works ?


  1. ETAPE 1.  What is the surface of my Bungalodge 40m², 35m², 12m²? When the surface is chosen, go on...
  2. ETAPE 2.  Go down the site and have a look at the "surface table", find the surface as close as possible to the one you need and write down the wall reference numbers that will be right for the configuration.

    A wall kits : Inn. dims.- 5,21 m        Ext. dims.- 5,50 m
    B wall kits : Inn. dims.- 4,00 m        Ext. dims.- 4,29 m
    C wall kits : Inn. dims.- 3,50 m        Ext. dims.- 3,79 m
    D wall kits : Inn. dims.- 2,71 m        Ext. dims.- 3,00 m
    E wall kits : Inn. dims.- 2,50 m        Ext. dims.- 2,79 m

    example: surface 20m² = wall B+B x wall E 
  3. ETAPE 3.  You have selected the surface of your house and the types of elements necessary to build it. Now you should choose the right walls that you like ( walls with door, with glass door, with windows etc). Do not forget to note down the price of every chosen element, then calculate the total price.
  4. ETAPE 4.  The easy way to get the price, when you know the surface just look at 1 metre price and calculate the total cost of the floor.
  5. ETAPE 5.   Stage 5 is related to the roof structure, add the surface of the roof which is the same as floor surface, add extra surface that will be kind of roof shade. You have 2 different dimensions of roof shades to choose 20 or 60 cm, choose the one you like  and count the total surface of the roof shade that shoud be addes to the main roof surface. Find the price of 1 metre of the roof structure and calculate the total cost of that element. 
  6. ETAPE 6.  You already have the total price of the project: walls + floor + roof. In case you want to add some accesories, go and have a look at stange no 7.
    If the price is too high, you always have the possibility to replace a few elements that are less expensive.
  7. ETAPE 7.   Would you like to have a larch terrace around? There is nothing easier, choose the surface of the terrace and have a look at the 1m² price, then calculate the total cost.
  8. ETAPE 8.  At the end, in the catalogue you will find the 1m railing price,  count the total lenght and add it to the price from above.

THAT'S IT! You have just created your project of the Bungalodge and you have calculated its total price*.
We will organise the transport service and you will get the house delivered at your door. Then it will depand only on you when to organise the assembly!
(you will find detailed information regarding the assembly clicking on "The Idea, Assembly"

* Cost of transport may vary depanding on the delivery address. Its cost is individually estimated every time.

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