The basis of the Bungalodge idea can simply be describes as:


Innovative design, Solid and durable, Easy assembly, Catalogue and on request product, Low price


THE BUNGALODGE idea allows our clients to get a price of their project within a few minutes only !

Our idea allows us offering hundreds of wall combinations which gives possibility to obtain more than 100 different models. Our new product may be used as an extra place for friends, office, games park or any other functions you can imagine or you are in need of. You can easily become an author of your project just by choosing and combinig right walls from our catalogue, after that you will immidiately get a price.

The test assembly was done by a person that was not a specialist in wooden structures assemblies, nevertheless it took only 1 day of work.
The project is delivered finished with OSB, with no furniture which gives you unlimited possibilities of decoration. On clients request we offer also kitchen or bathroom accesories that could be used by you in case you would be intrested in. All the walls are prepared for the electric installation. 

* to know more have a look at "How it works ?"





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